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Inside Ethiopia was a documentary series about Ethiopia. In 4 episodes the series show various locations in the Tigray Region, the city of Mekélé, the countries capital Addis Ababa and in Debre Libanos in the Oromia region. Beautiful landsides, two major cities and Ethiopia's culture and history are part of the series.

Inside Ethiopia was the first Nemeth/Star Productions show that was produced with the use of Creative Commons music and planed to premiere on a bigger platform such as YouTube or the in 2017 started own website of Nemeth/Star Productions. The show was cancled after the 4th episode as there were doubts if secure filming for our production team was possibile in some regions in Ethiopia. In the moment we come to the opinion that secure filming in Ethiopia is possible for our production team again, we open to plan further episodes of Inside Ethiopia.

Production Team

Position Name
Creators / Showrunner Sven Nemeth
Azeb Tesfay
Jennifer Star
Executive Producers Sven Nemeth
Azeb Tesfay
Jennifer Star
Writers Sven Nemeth
Executive Consultant Maggie Kwena Moabelo
Voice Over Bianca Arndt

Production History

The filming of Inside Ethiopia started in early 2015 in the Tigray region and it's capital Mekélé and continued in the countries capital Addis Ababa until late summer of 2015. The filmed material was used for the first three episodes of the series. All three episodes premiered in September 2015 on our YouTube Channel. The filming for the 4th episode take place in February 2017 in Addis Ababa and Debre Libanos in the Oromia region. The post production took more than a year. The quality of the material was increased and the 4th episode premiered in October 2018 on our website.


Season No. Episode No. Episode Name premiere date
1 1 The way to Tigray September 12th 2015
1 2 Mekélé Sept. 19th 2015
1 3 Addis Ababa Sept 26th 2015
2 4 Debre Libanos October 20th 2018

Behind the Scenes