Picture Events

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We are hosting several Picture Events on our social media channels. Some are posted live from on location, others are pre-produced.



Picture the Food



As we joined Vero - True Social in February 2018, we asked ourselves, what do we want to post on a platform made for creatives. In April we had the idea and #RightNow was born as we had a serious of filming sessions in Berlin. From this moment we posted pictures live from the location we are on Vero - True Social and Twitter. #RightNow became a major success for us on Vero and the later publication on our own webgallery. The live posting on Twitter was cancled in October 2019 as it limited us to 4 picture per post only. Since them on Vero, we regularyly publish 5-7 pictures in one post.

Picture the Food

Over the past years a lot of food crossed our way when we traveled around the world. As in beginning of 2020, the corona pandemic forced the world into lockdown, we were asking ourselves, what extra shows and events can we bring to the people sitting at home. The thinking ended up with just one word: Food! And "Picture the Food" was born. It was no question that this will be another Vero - True social exclusive premier. On March 9th 2020 the first Food picture episode was posted on Vero - True Social. Over the summer 16 episodes of Picture the Food were published on Vero and later on our own webgallery. People loved Picture the Food, that's why we decided to bring it back for a new Season in 2021. Since October 2020, many picture of this show are published under CC BY-0 / Pixabay License at Pixabay for free, and even commercial use without credit. In Picture the Food we show international and traditonal foods that we eat in restaurants, bars, clubs but also meals that are self cooked.


Over the last 17 years our picture gallery grows and grows and is still growing. a lot of nice pictures from the past still waiting for publication. Instagram joined our social media channels in early 2020 and we have been looking for something that maybe could help growing our Instagram channel. This is why we started #RightNowHistory in November 2020 as a test how such a project gets acceptance on our instagram channel. With 5 episodes we are testing this show on Instagram and Vero - True Social. Ende of December we will check the success and how this show can or will continue and which channel it will have it's exclusive premiere before it's publication on our webgallery.