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E-Mail and PGP Keys for secure communication:

PGP Public Key: Direct download     Mailvelope Keyserver

PGP Public Key: Direct download     Mailvelope Keyserver

PGP Public Key: Direct download     Mailvelope Keyserver

How we integrate our Social-Media Buttons?

Your data privacy is very important for us. The original source code of social media buttons sends data like your IP address or your Browser-Version to the social networks whose button is integrated to a website. If you are logged in to the social network at the same time, the information are linked with your account and a movement profile is created. We are not supporting such kind of technologies, which by the way are illegal after the GDPR came effective in the European Union on May 25th 2018. This is why we decided for another way of integration. First we have chosen the social media icons from the press kits or the free icon database icon-icons.com. We store the image files of the symbols on our server, then we linked them with an standard HTML link to our profile on the social network. The HTML link forwards you via tharp.de to our social media profile. tharp.de is our self-hosted URL Shortener. For more details check the FAQ sections below. Nevertheless we added a section about social media in our privacy policy. We are also publishing our content on YouTube, that makes it theoretical possible that we are embedding YouTube content to our website, what we definitely not do. And for the people who don't believe our statements here, they have it in black letters on white background in our privacy policy.

Why are videos not auto-played on our website?

We are aware of that auto-play videos are using a lot of data especially in mobile connection. We are committed to reduce the needed data to display our website. That is why we do not use the auto-play function for videos.

Are we use tools to analyze the visitors, tracking pixels, tracking cookies, cookies and/or Log Files on our website?

No. We do not use tools to analyze the visitors of our website. The same applies for tracking pixels, tracking cookies and cookies in general. We have some external services included that set a cookie, but we try to limit these services to the once we have to included to follow the GDPR and an Open Source map service. The only analyzed data from our website will be provided by standard functions of our hosting provider Netcup. Netcups stores logfiles for 14 days on default. But Netcup offers a preferences to change the log rotation manually. Regarding the GDPR we used this feature to change the log rotation to a maximum of 7 days. What exactly our hosting provider logs in the log files is written in our privacy policy. Analyzing tools like Google Analytic s or Piwik/Matomo don't have a home on our website.

How we are reducing the loading time of our website?

We are very committed to keep pictures on our website as small as possible without reducing the quality. We limited the size of every picture to 30KB. We also using CSS and HTML 5 technologies to reduce the loading time of our website.

Responsibility for external links

The European High Court once decided that owners of a website must guarantee that all external linked websites does not contain any illegal content. As we are not be able to check every peace of content of an external linked website we decided limit the links to external websites to the absolutely minimum. Excluded are websites that we host by ourselves.

Does we included advertising networks to our website?

No, we don't. The most projects of Nemeth/Star Productions are still non-profit productions. As there is the possibility to place advertising in our productions, we do not play this advertising on our website. Advertising space is limited to our Channels on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and MeWe. We offer collaborations that allow costumers to get an HTML link on the page of a productions. We have very strong recommendation for this. The linked content must have a relation the topic of the production. We will check these links from time to time to see if they still follow the rules.

Can I support Nemeth/Star Productions

Yes, you can support us. Donations are always possible via PayPal Me.

Why we set links with the e-mail address instead of a contact form?

We are not interested in collecting more personal data of you as necessary. That's why we not using contact forms and give you the privacy friendly way to contact us via e-mail.

Do we included RSS Feeds or embedding content from external websites?

We do not offer and also not embedding RSS Feeds to our website. We are extremely limiting the embedding of external content to our website. Most website force us to set external tracking cookies when we embedding their code. This is something we don't want. In our and your interest of privacy protection, we very limited the embedding of external content. Currently we are embedding external content of two websites:

  1. cookieyes.com / mozilor.com, which is the cookie banner regarding the GDPR.
  2. The website https://umap.openstreetmap.fr which provides map material based on Open Street Maps to our Original Writings pages and our ORIGINALS Overview page.

What is OpenSans?

OpenSans is a font for websites, which we use on our website too. The font is Open Source and is designed by Steve Matteson. The font was published at Google Fonts. We do not included this font or any other font via Referrer link to the Google server. We have downloaded all necessary files from Google Fonts to our web-server and included them via CSS from our web-server.

What does intense the logo of Nemeth/Star Productions?

The logo of Nemeth/Star Productions is designed in black letters.

The Wallpaper with the logo and the background is designed in 16:9 format with a resolution of 1080p. The background of the wallpaper is a mix of 6 pictures, which are designed to flow in together. All pictures were self produced. The pictures symbolize the cities, countries and filming locations where Nemeth/Star Productions is most represented. The background is complete with the integration of the pictures of our team. The wallpaper background is regularly updated if the team changes.

Where is nemethstarproductions.de hosted?

nemethstarproductions.de is hosted by the German provider Netcup GmbH. Nectup offers his data center services in Germany and the city of Nürnberg. Netcup offers detailed information about his data center on its website.

When was Nemeth/Star Productions founded?

Nemeth/Star Productions was founded in 2003 under the name "Nemeth/Star Corp.". In 2013, the name "Nemeth/Star Corp." was registered with the DPMA as a word mark. Nemeth/Star Productions was registered as a word mark by the DPMA in 2017. From the beginning, it was important that the productions of Nemeth/Star Productions mostly emerge as non-profit productions. This aim we still follow and only offer commercial advertisement to limited productions.

What is the URL Shortener tharp.de?

To make it easier to share pages on social media, we have started our own URL Shortener based on the Open Source software YOURLS. This URL Shortener runs under the domain tharp.de. This service has no public interface. The service offers us information of how many people clicked on the link. We have completely nulled all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Therefore we cannot perform any geographical analysis.

Do we have contracted a contract of data processing?

Within the framework of the GDPR we have contracted a contract of data procession with all three hosting providers "Netcup GmbH", "Domain Offensive" and "NETIM". This contracts are available for review at any time.

Who hosts which of our services?

Here we want to show you which domains in connection with Nemeth/Star Productions are hosted with our hosting providers.

First the webspace of our website(s) is hosted by "Netcup GmbH". Netcup also hosts the following domains for us:

  1. nemethstarproductions.de
  2. nemethstarcorp.de
  3. jozi-ngaphakathi.de
  4. mystictelevision.de
  5. scififriday.de

The hosting provider "Domain Offensive" hosts only domains for our projects. They are all forwarded to the webspace of Netcup. "Domain Offensive" hosts the following domains for us:

  1. nemethstarproductions.com
  2. spacefriday.de
  3. tharp.de
  4. orbitmzansi.de
  5. vebitalia.it

The hosting provider "NETIM" hosts only one domain for us. They are all forwarded to the webspace of Netcup. "NETIM" hosts the following domains for us:

  1. nemethstarproductions.eu
  2. africantelevisionmovie.africa
  3. orbitmzansi.co.za

Do we offer e-mail encryption?

Yes, we do. Our main e-mail address info at nemethstarproductions.eu and our e-mail address to contact us for project matters projects at nemethstarproductions.eu can receive PGP encrypted e-mails. The public keys to encrypt your e-mail to us are uploaded to the known PGP Key servers and available on top of this page and on our contact and privacy page. When you send us an encrypted e-mail please do not forget to add your public PGP key as well, otherwise we will not be able to read your e-mail.