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Nemeth/Star Productions productions are productions in the first place and without any external sponsoring body. Nevertheless we have prepared to give companies, institutions and local people the chance to book advertising space in our publications on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

We believe that non-profit will always be a part of us. We have great advantages by using video, photo and music material that is under a Creative Commons oder public domain license. It's important for us to give something back. Our purpose makes it possible for us not beeing forced to licence external video, audio or picture materials. All the video and picture materials incl. the original sound used in our travel documentaties are 100% filmed by us. The Knowledge which is used in our productions comes from many different sources. Maintainly from our personal research at the production places but also from the Open Source Knowledge Database Wikipedia.

List of our ORIGINALS:

Inside Ethiopia



Jozi ngaphakathi

Orbit Mzansi

Yim Thong of Thailand

Veb Italia

Special Events

Inside a volunteer year in South Africa

Behind the Scenes

Video subtitles